My Services


I view psychotherapy as a collaborative effort to help you better understand your own mind and its habitual patterns. However, conscious understanding only goes so far. There is a deeper bodily-based, unconscious understanding of oneself that must occur before lasting change can take place. This deep emotional understanding happens within the context of an attuned, safe relationship, one that we will develop together in therapy.

How I work

Because we are complex human beings, I work holistically to include the mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, kinetic, and social aspects of being human.

I work from multiple perspectives, including Psychodynamic (how our unconscious mind influences how we react), Somatic (how emotions and trauma are stored in our bodies), Interpersonal Neurobiology (how relationships interact with our minds and brains to make us who we are), and Mindfulness (how paying attention in the present moment helps reduce psychological suffering).

For couples work, I am trained in the PACT methodology, which puts partners in each other’s care by learning to be aware of each other’s emotional distress and helping to soothe each other relationally.

Who I work with

I love the variety of working with a diverse population.  I have experience seeing people from ages 3 to 73, from all walks of life, with a variety of issues including anxiety, depression, addiction, and relationship problems.

I have a proven track record of helping college-age young people who are struggling to navigate the stressful and confusing transition from childhood to adulthood. 

With a background in both business and psychology, I’ve helped many business executives understand better how the habits and patterns that deliver business success can also sometimes hinder personal happiness.

I’ve worked with many diverse couples to help them develop more effective communication skills that help improve their relationships.